How To Keep Your Canine Friend Happy And In Control

Have you watched any of those really great canine television programs where they train canines well? if you do and if you learnt anything from it, you will see that in most of those cases the problem is the owner and their ownership style and not the animal itself. Canines will react according to your actions and their behavior will be derived directly from yours. Therefore, every canine owner needs to be well aware and educated about the ways in which they can keep their friend in control and in good behavior. Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you have a genuinely good boy or girl.

Start training at a younger age

One of the best ways for keeping a canine happy and in good control is to start their training at a younger age. The best time for housetraining is ideally between 12 and 16 weeks so you can see how early on they need to be taught their boundaries and what is acceptable and what is not. Every breed has their own tempers and habits and therefore their own training requirements. For example a dachshund will have different requirements to that of a German shepherd and so on. Therefore, if you need professional advice and guidance at first with the training get all the help that you need.

Figure out the right breed for you

The right breed is very important when thinking about getting a canine as a pet. If you are interested in buying that Labrador for sale, you must also know that they are high energy pets who need at least one hour of exercise daily by the time that they are fully grown and that not doing so will cause them to get frustrated and develop bad behavior like incessant barking, digging, chewing things and causing disturbances running through the house all the time. If you do not have the kind of time or the energy to keep exercising your canine daily go for a low energy breed like a bull mastiff or a bulldog who are content to simply cuddle up and become a perfect couch potato. Of course they need exercise too but not so much.

Be fast

Canines learn super fast. That is why you need to make sure that you are rewarding the correct behavior. If for example, you are training them to sit and stay until you order otherwise, you need to only reward them while they are seated and staying seated. If they stand up and you give them a treat for having sat a second before, they will not associate that treat to the good behavior. Be fast and only reward good behavior always.