Why Cats Are One Of The Most Awesome Pets

I swear I have got absolutely nothing against dogs or any other furry critters for that matter but there is just something about cats that makes them so very awesome to have as pets, since:

They are so easy to care for

They never require any bathing because they clean themselves up! They are very good at grooming themselves and they always make sure to clean up after themselves too, you have got to admit that this is amazing because who does not want a pet that is so self-reliant that it takes care of its own hygiene. You might have to brush the longer haired cats once in a while but besides that there is not much to do, you can just sit back and watch as your feline baths itself. Their independence is astounding they make humans look bad with how well put-together their lives are and how they deal with everything so calmly and magnificently.

They are just so content in almost every situation

You do not have to pet them all day long. When they need you they will come to you. Of course they love being petted senseless, groomed, given attention and being fed till their full, but they do not expect you to be at their service all day. They can adapt to whatever situation they are in and cope with it without causing too much of a fuss. If they do start to get agitated by certain situations however it is best to put them in cat enclosures so that they have a safe space to play or hide while being out of the way of anything that is making them nervous.

They are quite, will never annoy you nor will they take too much time out of your busy schedule

In comparison to let us say a dog, cats are by far a whole lot quieter. Even very loud felines usually never meow to the point of you being irritated with them. which makes them great pets since when visitors arrive they are usually the most well-behaved ones in the house and they even make themselves scarce after a while. Besides being well-behaved they also do not require any exercise so there is no need to take your pet on cat runs Gold Coast or walks. Felines are great if you are a busy person since they never take too much of your time. As long as you feed them and give them a good place to hide and sleep and make sure to pet them every-so-often then they will not be a hindrance. We all have pets that we love and the whole subject about which pet it better has been a much debated about topic. I do not in any way think that one is better than the other, but these are just a few reasons why I love all furry felines.